What you need to do succeed in broilers farming in Kenya

Posted on 2 months ago

Broilers refer to any type of chicken solely raised for meat production.Unlike kienyeji and layers,broilers are bred very fast and are slaughtered between four and seven weeks of age. Currently in Kenya there seems to be a huge demand for broilers due to the rising numbers of the middle class. Broilers are sold between 1. 5 and 3 kg live weight depending on consumers preferences and market demands and can be distinguished by their white feathers and yellowish skin.Broilers are usually kept at high stocking densities(deep litter system) which vary considerably between countries. Typical stocking densities in Kenya range 11 to 25 birds per square meter 0r 1-2 birds per square foot.Below is a cost breakdown for 1000 broilers farming.Please note that due to the rapid growth of broilers ,we advice that you partition your house into four sections raising and bringing your flock in an interval of one week in order to have a constant 250 supply weekly. . No Particulars Specifications Physical Units Unit cost(Ksh/ Unit) Total cost (Ksh) 1 Sheds and other structures a) Broiler sheds ( 4 partitions) 1-2 sft. per bird 1000 sft. 150 150,000 b) Store,equipment,feeds room 100 sft 70 7,000 c)Labor quarter 150 sft 100 15,000 d) Slaughter room 100 sft 90 9,000 e) Fencing 750 rft 20 15,000 2 Water source a) construction water reservoir 13’dia x33’depth 10,000 10,000 b) Water tank 1000 liters 1 9,000 c) 3 HP electric motor/pump set and other accessories and pipeline etc. 7000 7,000 d) Electrical installation/equipment 6,000 3 Equipment a) Circular feeders(chicks /mature),waterers(automatic bell drinkers&nipple system) 30 600 18,000 b) Dressing,weigh scale 10,000 4 Capitalization of recurring expenses for first 8 batches a) Chick cost 1000 day old 65 65,000 b) Feed cost for 1000 birds 4.5 kg/bird 4500 kg 45 202,500 c) Overheads such as cost of, Medicines, vaccine, insurance,litter,Vet, Ksh 5.00/bird 1000 birds 5 5,000 d) Labour cost 3 months 8,000 3 24,000 5 Total financial outlay (TFO) 296,500

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