Prices of egg incubators in kenya

Posted on 2 months ago

Nemity Poultry Ltd is a supplier incubators for hatching eggs in Kenya. We have partnered with manufacturers abroad and thus making our machines highly efficient to more than 90%. We also offer at reduced prices compared to other sellers, warranty, support and maintenance for free for one year. We also offer trainings on handling incubators, hatching and brooding together with general poultry production. Setting Capacity Hatching Capacity Model No Incubator Price 48 48 Full Automatic Nem48 Ks 14,000 60 60 Semi Automatic Nem60 Ks 12,000 96 96 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turner Ks 25,000 176 100 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turner K 40,000 264 176 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turner Ks 44,000 352 176 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turner Ks 52,000 528 580 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turner Ks 60,000 880 720 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turner Ks 75,000 1056 720 Fully Auto Digital and Auto turner Ks 85,000 There currently two sizes of incubators Small or Mini incubators These are small capacity incubators from 48 eggs to 300 eggs capacity. The come in different shapes and operations. Some of the incubators are manual,semi-automatic or fully automatic. Manual eggs incubators come in two main categories; manual turning and digital controls of temperature and humidity; manual turning and manual controls. These small incubators are best for; Hatching chicks for small scale poultry farmers poultry and eggs hatching hobbies School laboratory D.I.Y projects Engineering research and development Medium capacity incubators These are capacities ranging 300 eggs to 2000 eggs. These incubators are fully automatic. The controls for temperature and humidity are digital and turning is auto. Some may be divided into half hatch or full hatch.Due to the capacity of these incubators they require a ventilation fan, excess heat fan, water tray ,humidity sensors ,air heating elements and turning motors. The have the following Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency Full automatic temperature control Full automatic humidity control Full automatic eggs turning Full automatic alarms Full automatic cooling and ventilation Back emergency system Micro controller, fully automatic incubator Hatching rate more than 90%

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